Sunday, September 13, 2009

Back to Where She Belongs -- The Woods!

I went back to the woods this weekend. The SJAC/NRA Shootaround at Camp Shenandoah was this weekend. It was so much fun!! I shot Air Rifles, Archery, .50 Muzzleloaders, .22 Pistols, 20 and 12 gauge Shotguns, and .22 Rifles. We also learned about tying flies and casting a fly fishing line. I suck at pistols and shotgun, but totally owned the archery and rifle ranges!
Shooting was the point of the event, but not the only fun part. I also got to see Mom, Dad and Sarah!!!! It was really great to see them and spend the weekend outside.
I had a great weekend... I hope week three of University is good too!

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